Heartlab expands storage backup options for cardiology data
Heartlab Inc. this week introduced a Remote Archive DVD library offering for off-line back up of critical cardiology images and information.
The system creates HIPAA-compliant patient data backup on DICOM-compliant DVD-R media. Remote Archive works in conjunction with multiple types of storage systems, including Heartlab's StoreSafe DVD storage archive and enterprise storage infrastructures including storage area network (SAN), networked attached storage (NAS) and content addressable storage (CAS), the company said.
Remote Archive creates a non-proprietary DICOM-compliant backup disc that can be viewed in any vendor's DICOM viewing station. No software is required to recover or view the data archived on the media. The system writes dual- or single-layer DVD-R media and prints identifying labels directly on the disc via thermal printing technology.
Since Remote Archive is a network-attached device, a dedicated computer is not required to host it, Heartlab said.