Heartlab increases capacity of StoreSafe DVD archive
Heartlab Inc. is increasing the capacity of its StoreSafe DVD archive using double layer DVD technology from PowerFile Inc. of Santa Clara, Calif., that will provide hospitals with even faster access to more patient records.
PowerFile's R200DL DVD read/write library incorporates double-layer DVD technology into its DVD storage libraries. Double-layer DVDs have two information layers that can be written and read independently.
Heartlab's new generation StoreSafe DVD archive is based on the R200DL double-layer DVD architecture. The technology will allow hospitals to archive and access nearly twice the number of cardiology images and information at twice the speed of previous Heartlab models, the company said.
The new StoreSafe archive is the same size as previous generations of the product. In addition to double-layer DVDs, StoreSafe can also archive and access data and images on single-layer DVDs, Heartlab said.