Hitachi, AccSys deliver first PET isotope production system utilizing a linear accelerator
Hitachi Ltd. and subsidiary AccSys Technology Inc. have delivered what they say is the first dedicated radioisotope production system in Japan utilizing the Positron Tracer Production system. The linear accelerator was developed by AccSys for use in positron emission tomography (PET).

Hitachi General Hospital of Hitachi Ltd. will begin PET scans using isotopes produced with the system in the second quarter. Hitachi and AccSys intend to bring this radioisotope production system to market beginning next year.

AccSys manufactures compact ion linear accelerator for medical, industrial and research operations and introduced the Positron Tracer Production system line of positron tracer production systems in 1998.

The system is designed to produce clinical quantities of the positron tracer 18F-FDG for PET imaging. Through the adoption of highly advanced cancer examination technologies, such as PET, Hitachi General Hospital looks to play a primary role as a cancer treatment facility in Japan.