Industry news: CPU, DeJarnette, Dynamic Imaging, INFINITT
CPU Medical Management Systems turns 25 this year. CPU has been in the practice management software for the healthcare industry since 1982.

DeJarnette Research Systems established a wholly owned subsidiary, DeJarnette Europe, as a sales and service organization to service the European market.  DeJarnette Europe is to be headquartered in London, England. It is anticipated that the London office will open in May.

According to Wayne T. DeJarnette, president and founder of DeJarnette, “this is an important next step in the growth of our business. Although we have sold internationally through our partners and overseas consultants in the past, this is the company’s first serious effort to take the business international. With significant existing business in Europe having been developed by the U.S. operation, it is time to open a European office.”

Dynamic Imaging has earned quality-management ISO certification based on international standards for designers and manufacturers of medical devices and related services. In addition, the company’s IntegradWebR PACS has received a medical device license from Health Canada.

Both EN ISO 13485:2003 and CAN/CSA ISO 13485:2003 (Canadian Medical Devices Conformity Assessment System) registrations were granted by Intertek Services NA, following a comprehensive third-party audit. Dynamic Imaging showed it meets worldwide quality management standards by fulfilling customer needs and regulatory requirements.

And on April 4, 2007, Health Canada delivered a medical device license to Dynamic Imaging for IntegradWeb PACS.

Dynamic Imaging pursued ISO and Health Canada as part of a push to achieve compliance with the regulatory requirements of the global medical community. ISO certification and Health Canada medical device licensure add to Dynamic Imaging's other international qualifications, which include CE Mark certification for its IntegradWeb PACS.

INFINITT North America has broadened its customer service and technical support capabilities through a number of strategies, including implementing customer support technologies. The company recently began use of a call tracking application to increase INA’s levels of support and to eliminate communication problems with customers.

Now select customers have the ability to view a web interface, where they can access our database. They can register an issue online and be able to track its status.

Another customer service technology soon to be implemented is Omni ITS, a dashboard monitoring application designed to automatically maintain, monitor and service each customer’s PACS in real time.