Industry round-up: Cedara, Conductive Compounds, Connect, Fry Construction, Fujifilm, Swearingen
Cedara Software announced a strategic partnership with Toronto, Ontario-based University Health Network's Princess Margaret Hospital (PMH) in clinical image and information management. PMH is known for its success in oncology research.

As part of the agreement, Cedara will provide PMH with a variety of clinical applications, software development toolkits, and services to accelerate the hospital's research and development efforts in oncology and radiation therapy. This encompasses distributed information management (based on Cedara aXigate), web-enabled image management (Cedara I-Reach), rapid application development platforms (Cedara OpenEyes), and toolkits for image segmentation and image registration.  

Also, Cedara technology will help accelerate PMH's development plans for cancer treatment assessment techniques, particularly the extension of small animal research into treatment strategies for use on human patients. One example of this is STTARR, or Spatio-Temporal Targeting and Amplification of Radiation Response. This effort, chaired by Drs. Robert Bristow, David Jaffray and Michael Milosevic, is a comprehensive, multidisciplinary radiation therapy research program.

Conductive Compounds Inc. (CCI), a provider of conductive and resistive inks, coatings and adhesives, announced availability of two silver chloride (AgCl) inks for medical diagnostic sensor applications. The conductive inks are specifically designed for use on defibrillator pads, as well as disposable EEG and EKG sensors. The two products, AGCL-510 and AGCL-675C, are optimized for gravure/flexographic and screen printing and can also be used in pad printing.

Both inks can be custom blended to adjust resistance values to achieve the required level of electrical conductivity and to adjust the level of chloride to silver. The solvent systems and rheology can also be adjusted to optimize the inks for different printing press configurations. Custom formulations are available for applications where an “off-the-shelf” product will not provide the performance required.

Fry Construction, a specialist in the precision construction of medical imaging facilities, recently completed a project that merged state-of-the-art medical imaging equipment with custom artwork, resulting in a unique medical imaging center. The project, called Preferred Imaging of Grapevine, is a new multi-modality imaging and support center in Grapevine, Texas, and features a Siemen's Symphony 1.5 Tesla MRI, CT scan, ultrasound and x-ray rooms, as well as a pain management facility.

In addition, an artist was commissioned to create painted murals that cover the room walls as well as the actual imaging equipment.

"The art is definitely the visible and engaging part of the center. However, underneath the paint is incredibly sensitive equipment that requires precision construction." said James Webb, head of Preferred Imaging. "So it seems intuitive to use a specialist to build a specialized facility. And no one is more of a specialist than Fry."

To see the artwork, visit:

Fujifilm Medical Systems USA Inc. promoted Bob Cooke to vice president, Network Business Management.  Cooke is responsible for the company’s global Synapse PACS business, providing a consistent business-practice model as it relates to product management, marketing and integration.
Cooke joined Fujifilm in 2003 as the executive director of marketing, Network Systems, assuming responsibility for all Synapse marketing efforts.  Most recently he served as the executive director, marketing and product management.  Under his leadership the company surpassed the 1,000th Synapse installation globally, and in the U.S., Synapse sales more than doubled. 
Cooke’s career in the medical imaging field began as a software engineer for Matrix Instruments, an early market leader in radiology imaging.  Prior to joining Fujifilm he was vice president and global general manager for Agfa HealthCare’s PACS business.

RIS provider Swearingen Software Inc. is partnering with PACS company Connect Imaging Inc. to offer a tightly integrated, customized RIS/PACS.

According to Philip J. Manly, DABR, chief executive officer of Connect Imaging, the goal in partnering with Swearingen Software is to help radiology departments streamline workflow and improve patient care.

“By partnering with Swearingen, we’ll be able to provide customized RIS/PACS solutions that address complex workflow and information management requirements. Rather than requiring users to change daily routines, we’ll tailor fully integrated RIS/PACS solutions that suit their workflow needs,” Manly said.