InSite One enhances archiving services
InSite One Inc.announced this week at AHRA ’07 technological advances in InDex archiving services that are currently being installed at customer sites. The InDex service is now based on 64-bit server processor Linux platform which will increase the response capacity and expand online data management with larger core memory configurations. The new InDex 4.0 release includes new configuration options for all InDex services that provide for even higher availability with redundant proxies sharing the workload and common network attached storage.

InDex 4.0 also is introducing a new database reporting capability that allows users to get SQL reports on the data stored in the archive. While InDex is a managed service, users can now request analytics from the DICOM data to enhance their understanding and planning for their practice.

This new 64-bit server platform was first installed last month at Hartford Hospital in Hartford, Conn., which has been a beta site for InSite One since 1999.