IT salaries on the rise
Information technology (IT) professionals will likely see an average increase in pay of 2.7 percent in 2007 compared to this year, according to the 2007 Salary Guide from Robert Half International. The survey results show that software developers will see the best starting salary gains with a 5.1 percent increase, translating to between $60,250 and $94,750 yearly.

Web developers follow with an expected increase of 4.2 percent (from $54,750 to $81,500), and data warehouse managers will also see a 4.2 percent improvement (from $85,500 to $113,500). Otherwise, project managers will see an average increase of 4.1 percent (from $72,750 to $106,250); quality assurance analysts will see 4.1 percent more (from $52,250 to $74,500); applications architects will see a 4 percent rise (from $80,000 to $112,750); network security administrators will see 3.7 percent more (from $69,750 to $98,500); and IT auditors will rise 3.1 percent in starting salary (from $69,250 to $97,000). IT professionals will fair the best next year in industries such as financial and business services, insurance, technology, healthcare, and manufacturing. Overall, salaries for many specialties are on the rise, with a national average increase in base compensation of 3.8 percent projected for next year, according to the salary guide. Research shows that compliance professionals, internal auditors, financial analysts, and public accountants are among those expected to see the greatest gains in base pay.