Kodak, IBM partnering to offer information management to imaging centers and small hospitals
Eastman Kodak Co. and IBM announced this week that the two companies will collaborate to deliver a specialized, cost-effective, radiology information system (RIS) for diagnostic imaging centers and smaller healthcare facilities.
The goal is to offer flexible software and hardware combinations that are more affordable, less complex and easier to implement for diagnostic imaging centers (DIC), outpatient facilities and small hospitals. Kodak and IBM will develop customized solutions that combine Kodak's RIS with IBM's industry-leading eServers to better serve the needs of smaller healthcare facilities that want to benefit from advanced digital technologies.

Kodak is adapting its KODAK Radiology Information System 2010 to meet the specific needs of imaging centers. In collaboration with IBM, Kodak will offer its RIS 2010 in a package that extends the efficiency and space-saving features of IBM's eServer technology to imaging centers and small hospitals where these features are particularly valuable.