Kodak launches new breast imaging products at SBI
Eastman Kodak Company is making a number of breast imaging product announcements this week at the Society of Breast Imaging (SBI) meeting, May 24-28. The products include the new Kodak DIRECTVIEW PACS System 5 for Mammography, along with its multi-vendor, multi-modality Kodak DIRECTVIEW Mammography Workstation, which will both be available worldwide by the end of June. Kodak is also showcasing its film-based CAD (content addressed storage) system and several works-in-progress mammography products.

Kodak DIRECTVIEW PACS System 5 for Mammography provides for efficient image review, distribution and storage for full-field digital mammography (FFDM) systems, ultrasound, MRI (magnetic resonance imaging), CT (computed tomography) and other digital modalities. The company's mammography platform also provides a way for existing Kodak PACS users to integrate digital mammography exams into general radiology workflows; it offers mammography-specific display protocols and tools designed to enhance radiologists' productivity; it features an ergonomically designed workflow controller; and the workstation also supports a standard mouse.  
The PACS also includes the new DIRECTVIEW Mammography Workstation, which supports imaging modalities from multiple vendors and includes two or four five-megapixel monitors, Kodak said.

Also announced at SBI is Kodak's integration of its film-based Mammography CAD System with mammography tracking and reporting software from PenRad Technologies Inc., MagView, and Mammography Reporting Systems. This integration is designed to allow radiologists to view the CAD results from existing mammography reporting software, which eliminates the need for a separate workstation.

Highlighted features of the company's Mammography CAD system are easy of use, a high-resolution film scanner that and accepts up to 10 mammography studies simultaneously, and several other workflow enhancements.
Kodak is also providing details regarding a number of works-in-progress mammography products, including: an interface with CAD systems that allows the Mammography Workstation to display CAD markers; and a mammography module for the company's radiology information system (RIS) platform that optimizes required mammography-specific reporting and tracking requirements, Kodak said.