Kodak launches new line of IT services
Eastman Kodak Co. is rolling out a line of information technology (IT) services that will cover disaster recovery, data migration and managed storage.

 The new line is called Kodak Storage and Archive Services (SAS) and is designed to aid U.S. healthcare providers in their security and privacy compliance with statutes of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). The services also are intended to provide customers with the ability to migrate data from legacy storage devices to next-generation storage platforms and reduce capital expenditure through hosted, pay-per-use storage and access to imaging studies and patient records.

 The four new products are:
  •  Business Continuity Planning to create a disaster recovery plan for patient records and imaging studies, and to provide off-site data storage;

  •  Data Migration to transfer DICOM images and patient records from a legacy PACS or radiology information systems (RIS) to next-generation equipment from any PACS and/or RIS vendor;

  •  Data Protection through an off-site backup of digital modalities, as well as PACS and RIS infrastructure; and

  •  Remote Online Archive for off-site storage and access to imaging studies in a pay-per-gigabit model.