Kodak taps Cephire to expand sales of Secure Email Services
Eastman Kodak Company this week selected Rochester-based Cephire Technologies Inc., to help expand U.S. sales of Kodak's Secure Email Services beyond the healthcare market for which they were originally developed.

Under the terms of the agreement, Kodak said it will leverage Cephire's established customer sales channels to expand sales of Kodak Secure Email Services to customers in legal, financial, retail, government and other markets. Cephire Technologies is a growing software developer, web hosting and information services company.

Kodak Secure Email Services, developed by Kodak's Health Imaging Group, incorporates secure email technology from Aliroo America Inc. to enable real-time encrypted email messages and accompanying attachments-such as medical images and reports-to be sent securely over the internet to physicians, patients and healthcare providers worldwide.