Konica introduces ImagePilot CR
Konica Minolta Medical Imaging USA introduced the ImagePilot CR for physician clinics, during the 2008 Society of Imaging Informatics in Medicine (SIIM) conference in Seattle.

Using Konica Minolta’s patented AutoPilot image processing technology, the ImagePilot CR system simplifies image acquisition to one push of a button, Steven Eisner, marketing manager, digital products, Konica, told Health Imaging News.

“AutoPilot Image Processing is based on a simple discovery that bone has the most stable x-ray response. Therefore, by establishing the density value of the anatomy around a fixed bone density, the entire image can be processed with one universal algorithm,” explained Eisner. “This patented technology eliminates the need for the user to select and define algorithms for each body part and orientation, and results in a very simple to learn and operate CR system for the physician’s office staff. At the same time, it delivers high quality diagnostic image quality suitable for reading.”

ImagePilot CR consists of an Imaging Station and a single bay Nano CR Reader. “It is an advanced CR system with PACS functionality,” he said. “It combines our CR background with a server that has storage and advanced PACS functions like patient registration, image acquisition, clinical review, measurement tools, archiving and storage capabilities.”

Any physician clinic performing more than eight diagnostic procedures a day may now convert cost effectively, from film and chemical systems to high quality digital, according to Konica. “This is a solution for the facility or physician clinic who is looking to get rid of the darkroom and just drop something in that is self sufficient,” he noted.

The Imaging Station can support additional client stations for viewing images in different parts of a physicians’ office. It has local archival capabilities and can also send DICOM images for radiologists’ diagnostic interpretation or to off-site storage, the company said.

“We are entering the physician clinic or urgent care center with a product to meet their growing needs – ImagePilot is going to grow with them,” Eisner concluded.