Konica Minolta improves CR workflow
Konica Minolta Medical Imaging this week introduced the Konica Minolta Xpress Portable Assistant.

The lightweight exam and cassette identification tool is for radiologists and technologists performing computed radiography (CR) exams at the point of patient care.

The hand-held device is equipped with a built-in barcode reader, a touch-screen control with keypad, and comes with a cradle and stylus. Patient exams are downloaded into the device from the Xpress CR Control Station (CS-1) Modality Worklist.

With the device, users can then select a patient name and the exam views for cassette identification at the point of patient care. Upon exam completion, plate registration can be uploaded back to any CS-1 Control Station in the network for immediate plate processing and confirmation.

The company says the Xpress Portable Assistant will be available this summer.