Matrox Graphics, Fenics to make 10-bit medical imager viewer available
Matrox Graphics Inc., a manufacturer of graphics solutions for professionals, this week announced that Fenics has adapted its Quick Viewer PACS software to support the 10-bit simultaneous display capability of the Matrox MED Series 10-bit display controller boards, based on the Matrox Imaging Library (MIL) software development toolkit.

Matrox's partnership with Fenics to bring this 10-bit display functionality to the medical imaging market will provide customers increased visual detail for their readings, Matrox Graphics Inc.

The Matrox MED Series of display controllers feature extensive multi-monitor support, high image quality, are configurable for landscape and portrait modes ranging from two through five mega pixels (which includes the MED2mp-DVI, MED3mp-DVI and MED5mp-DVI), and include a variety of grayscale and color models with analog and digital display support. Additionally, the MED Series boards include Matrox's multi-monitor features, such as Multi-Pivot and Portrait, Matrox Graphics said.