Matrox highlights display controller boards bundled with medical displays
Matrox Graphics Inc. highlighted at ECR 2006 last week in Vienna, Austria, its various partnerships, including the recently announced deal with Planar to bundle the Matrox AuroraVX Series and Matrox MED Series medical display controller boards with its Dome EX and PX displays. Planar offers the following four distinct display packages:
  • Dual Dome E2 displays with the Matrox MED2mp;
  • Dual Dome E3 displays with the Matrox MED3mp;
  • Dual Dome E3 displays with the Matrox AuroraVX3mp; and
  • Dual Dome E2 display package with the AuroraVX3mp
Other partner booths featuring Matrox technology were Eizo Nanao, FIMI Philips; NEC Display Solutions; Rein EDV and Siemens Display Technologies, among others