Matrox packages display controllers with USEI and Image Systems
Matrox Graphics Inc. said that U.S. Electronic Inc. (USEI) has agreed to bundle its Totoku medical displays with Matrox's display controller boards.

The agreement allows Matrox's MED2mp and RAD2mp display controller boards to be bundled with USEI's Totoku CCL182, CCL202, CCL212 and ME181, ME183, ME201, ME203, ME213 displays.

USEI said it is bundling and has been shipping its Totoku ME315L and Totoku ME511L medical displays with the Matrox MED3mp and MED5mp display controller boards respectively for the last 12 months.

In addition, Matrox announced this week that Image Systems Corp. will bundle the Matrox MED3mp-DVI display controller board with its high-resolution LCD (liquid crystal display) medical displays and calibration feedback system (CFS)