Matrox to show latest medical imaging solutions at ITEM 2006
Matrox Graphics Inc will demonstrate its latest medical imaging products including the AuroraVX and MED Series in various display configurations at the International Technical Exhibition of Medical Imaging (ITEM) show in JRC 2006, in Yokohama, Japan, April 7-9.

The single board PCI Express system, the AuroraVX Series can power up to three displays -- one Navigation Console Display, along with two Twin Imaging Displays --from a single board. The Matrox MED Series of display controller boards represents a complete system capable of a number of display configurations for landscape and portrait modes ranging from two through five mega pixels, such as the MED2mp-DVI, MED3mp-DVI and MED5mp-DVI, and includes a variety of grayscale and color models with analog and digital display support.

Other controller boards to be highlighted offer dual output support for grayscale or color, analog or digital displays. These include the RAD AGP, PCI and PCIe display controller boards. Finally, the company’s TheatreVUE Series offers the ability to clone any portion of the primary display to an analog projector or large-screen display for theatre-style classrooms and operating room environments. Matrox's OEM technology is also used in medical imaging solutions such as angiography, C-Arm and mobile x-ray, cardiology, patient monitoring and ultrasound.

Matrox medical display controller boards will also be demonstrated in various partner booths such as Eizo Nanao Corp., Totoku and ZioSoft Inc., among others.