Medicsight gets FDA green light for "joint-read" software
Medicsight this week announced FDA approval for Medicsight Colon CAR 1.2, an image analysis software tool designed to be used with CT colonography to assist radiologists in searching for and measuring potential colorectal polyps.

Medicsight Colon CAR 1.2 works by using Medicsight's Computer Assisted Reader (CAR) technology (FDA approved in August) to deploy a series of filters against image data derived from CT colonographies. These filters highlight spherical areas of the image as small as 5-mm or the size of a small pea which could be potential polyps, said Medicsight. The radiologist is also able to manually highlight any irregularities for closer inspection

Once suspect polyps are found, the software can precisely identify the boundaries and features and show them in 3D with a volume measurement, diameter, shape and location, said Medicsight. This allows the radiologist to accurately review and track any growth in the polyps.