MRI may help limit unnecessary prostate cancer biopsies in UK

An immediate MRI scan given to all men suspected of having prostate cancer may reduce the number of excessive biopsies by 28 percent, according to a March 19 article from The Telegraph.

Researchers from the University College London found MRI was 12 percent more likely to detect cancerous prostate tumors than a traditional biopsy. The findings, according to researchers, suggest MRIs may reduce biopsies in European men by more than a quarter million, according to the article. 

"In men who need to have investigation for prostate cancer for the first time, [the trial] shows that using an MRI to identify suspected cancer in the prostate and performing a prostate biopsy targeted to the MRI information leads to more cancers being diagnosed than the standard way that we have been performing prostate biopsy for the last 25 years," said lead author Veeru Kasivisvanathan, PhD, from the University of College London Division of Surgery and Interventional Science.  

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MRI for all men suspected of prostate cancer could save thousands of lives - new study