NEC announces new high-end storage possibilities for SMBs
NEC Solutions Inc. recently introduced two new storage disk arrays, advanced management software and pre-configured bundles with high-end features and functionality for the small-to-medium business (SMB) market. The new bundles have been developed to help businesses address growing strategic concerns, including regulatory compliance, Information Lifecycle Management (ILM), business continuity/disaster recovery and email governance.

NEC's new S2400 and S1400 disk arrays provide up to 27.6 terabytes (TB) and 13.8 TB of storage capacity respectively, and both can be integrated in a DAS and SAN environment. The updated version of the company's Storage Manager Software provides real-time monitoring and statistical performance information across all storage devices.

The products will be offered in build-to-order, as well as nine pre-established configurations, including:

  • NEC's Availability Solution is designed for corporations, healthcare facilities, financial institutions and government agencies where the priority is compliance, zero downtime and advanced disaster recovery/business continuity. This bundle features NEC's Dynamic Data Replication technology providing maximum uptime and disaster recovery backup capabilities ensuring data is accessible and safe, as well as NEC's Dynamic Snap Volume software, which cost-effectively creates up to 16 snapshots of data.

  • NEC's Performance Solution is optimized for the Network ISP, ASP and SSP markets, where delivering superior storage operation and functionality is paramount. This bundle is combined with the S2800 advanced cache partitioning feature. It also ships with high-speed RAID configurations based on NEC's unique RAID Engine.

  • NEC's Reliability Solution is designed for organizations where secure business operations and 24/7 information access are major priorities. This bundle is based upon RAID 6 technology that enables higher availability than standard RAID 5 technology, and ships with NEC StorageManager, PathManager, Performance Monitor and Navigator.