Neurostar helps virtual radiology networks
Neurostar Solutions displayed enhancements to its technology designed to support ultra-fast workflow for radiology groups reading for multiple facilities. “We designed the platform to enable radiology outsourcing,” said Kobi Margolin, vice president of marketing and business development.

The company’s core competency is getting images from client facilities in virtual radiology networks. By taking care of the image retrieval, IT and practice management, customers can focus on reading studies. “We make it easy for our customers to sign up customers,” Margolin said. “We added everything they need to manage their practice.” Neurostar takes data from disparate systems so that customers only have one interface to deal with. The company sends results back to clients. A central dashboard function lets users take a snapshot view to see bottlenecks which aids in making operations more efficient. The company also added the ability to get management reports for billing, Margolin said. Information is easily transferred to an invoice. Overall, customers have “no worries about IT or practice management.”