New Products from AMICAS, Boston Scientific, Canon, Data Distributing, iCRco
AMICAS announced the release of its Vision Series PACS Version 4.2, which represents significant advancements to its proven image management software platform. Version 4.2 enhances the system’s real-time communication capabilities with the company’s RealTimeWorklist, which aids in managing clinical information at the point of care. For example, this suite of enhancements includes bidirectional interface capabilities with HIS/RIS systems for improved communication and workflow. Version 4.2 is also able to display and prioritize exams based on multiple levels of clinical severity. Lastly, the system now includes additional archiving and disaster recovery capabilities with Tivoli Storage Manager from IBM. Vision Series PACS Version 4.2 was formally released in late August following a successful deployment at Newman Regional Hospital in Emporia, Kan.

Boston Scientific Corporation announced the U.S. launch of its FLEXView System for unilateral visualization and routing in microwave cardiac surgical ablation procedures. Microwave surgical ablation can be performed in combination with valve or coronary artery bypass surgeries or in minimally invasive, standalone procedures. FLEXView enables physicians to perform standalone ablation procedures in a closed-chest environment with direct visualization of the procedure at all times. FLEXView allows surgeons to perform a one-sided (unilateral) ablation procedure, thereby decreasing the invasiveness of the current procedure. FLEXView is designed to be used in conjunction with the FLEX 10 surgical ablation probe in minimally invasive thoracoscopic cardiac ablation procedures.

Canon U.S.A. expanded its line of digital radiography (DR) systems with the announcement of the Canon CXDI-40EC DR system that offers filmless x-ray capture and helps to improve workflow efficiency for diverse radiographic applications, the company said. The new system, which features the LANMIT 8 (Large Area New-MIS Sensor and TFT), is equipped with a large 17 x 17 inch imaging area for capturing x-ray images large and small without the need to adjust detector orientation. This new DR system consists of a Canon Amorphous Silicon (a-Si) Flat Panel Detector and Cesium Iodide (CsI) scintillator, allowing for extremely effective x-ray absorption and high signal-to-noise performance.

Storage technology provider Data Distributing has announced the availability of a new product in its peripheral lineup, CD Wipeout. CD Wipeout provides a way to properly destroy CDs that were burned with patient data. CD Wipeout utilizes a grinding technology that removes the indelible print while simultaneously destroying the data layer. By grinding the CD from the top layer, downward, the patient data imprinted on the top of the disc, such as date of birth and social security number, are removed, as well as the data layer, which resides just under the top surface.

Computed radiography system manufacturer iCRco announced PaxBox as an addition to its line of digital imaging storage systems. Using an appliance-based foundation and industry-standard DICOM architecture, the PaxBox server appliance accelerates image access, simplifies operation and management, and protects patient images in a highly reliable, HIPAA-compliant storage and archival system. PaxBox is designed so that imaging centers and clinics can focus on their operations instead of system management, as well as reduce costs overall. PaxBox features fully integrated, DICOM server appliances that speed digital image access and routing, simplify image management, and provide highly reliable, cost-effective storage. PaxBox is able to route images directly and concurrently from each modality for immediate storage, thus eliminating the need for manually transferring images to CDs or DVDs for archiving, the company says.