New Products: BioLucent, CIVCO, Zonare, Companion, North American Imaging, Siemens, silex
BioLucent released an addition to its MammoPad products specifically designed for use with the Dilon 6800 Gamma Camera for use during breast-specific gamma imaging (BSGI) manufactured by Dilon Technologies. The cushion is sized to fit the surface of the Dilon equipment. BSGI is an adjunct diagnostic procedure to mammography where the breast is immobilized for six to 10 minutes per view. MammoPad products can be used to cushion the detector as well as the shield, providing warmth and comfort for patients. The pad’s grip-like effect helps stabilize the breast during the longer duration of imaging necessary for BSGI. The new pad maintains the same attributes and benefits of other MammoPad products. The foam cushion is made of a radiolucent material that does not interfere with imaging of the breast. The cushion received FDA clearance in September.

CIVCO Medical Solutions released two new needle guidance systems, P4-1 and E9-4, designed to work in conjunction with biopsy software on Zonare’s ultrasound platform. The systems are designed to provide physicians with increased productivity during ultrasound-guided procedures including tissue biopsy, fluid aspirations, and catheter placement. CIVCO’s needle guidance systems offer physicians reduced technique variability, providing a shorter learning curve and reduced procedure time, the company says.

Companion Technologies released Remittance Manager, a function of its EnterprisEDI revenue cycle management software. Remittance Manager is a secure, web-based application that allows physician-practice and hospital billing staff to search for and sort remittances by various criteria, including patient name, payer name, provider name, or check number. Remittance Manager includes standard reporting capabilities for compiling and analyzing data to identify denial trends, improve claims-filing procedures, and reduce accounts receivable. Remittance Manager can be implemented as an add-on module to EnterprisEDI or as a standalone system. EnterprisEDI customers have the ability to generate robust, ad hoc reports from Remittance Manager via Enterprise Report Builder, in addition to the preformatted standard reports.

North American Imaging released new PACS Print Server software for management of hardcopy preferences using existing DICOM printers and laser cameras. The software acts as a transparent manager, directing hard-copy requests to the appropriate output device. PACS Print Server is designed to assist managers in controlling hard-copy costs by using cost-saving paper for applications, insurance documents, reports, and patient communications needs while physician referrals and ER and surgical hard-copy needs are flowed to diagnostic film output stations. The product is a single-interface utility and integrates simply with existing printers.

North American Imaging also launched a DICOM-format recorder for portable C-arms called MDR Video. The product records native 1K x 1K video format without down scanning or low line rate limitations. MDR creates DICOM-format media that can be viewed from any Windows PC using a DICOM viewer added to each disk or import exams from disk using PACS. The product allows for simultaneous video capture and media burning and also can record multiple patient files simultaneously. MDR also offers an optional DICOM Storage SCU and Modality Worklist features for enhanced network and modality connectivity.

Siemens Medical Solutions released a web-based Decision Support Solution (DSS) distributed budgeting tool. The product is built to unify and streamline time-consuming, manual budget submission processes by leveraging the capabilities of Microsoft Excel and model templates that are easily customized. The product was designed to aid healthcare organizations in efforts to improve budgeting workflow and drive more efficient operations.

silex technology america launched the SX-600, an Ethernet to wireless client adapter with enterprise security. The SX-600 is an adapter that adds 802.11b/g wireless capabilities to any Ethernet product. The SX-600 capitalizes on the growing need for enterprise security. The SX-600 includes all major wireless networking security standards. The SX-600 includes enterprise-level security features including access control lists, complete protocol and application enable/disable control, read-and-write configuration passwords, and SNMP community name configuration.