New Products: GE, MEDRAD, Philips
GE Healthcare introduced a new ultrasound system dubbed the LOGIQ P5. The system is a smaller ultrasound for private practices, specialized clinics, and community hospitals. The LOGIQ P5 is built for portable radiology department applications as well as private practices and specialized clinics. The system features GE’s patented High Definition Speckle Reduction Imaging (HD-SRI), CrossXBeam spatial compounding, and 4D Imaging.

MEDRAD introduced the Certo MR Wireless Network, a wireless network for magnetic resonance (MR) imaging. The new system is built to provide more flexibility through wireless-enabled equipment able to move freely both in the MRI suite and in the control room. The first wireless-enabled MEDRAD product to operate on the Certo Network is the Veris MR Patient Monitor with the Veris remote display. Certo allows Veris to travel with the patient from the prep room to the scanner room and then to the recovery area while maintaining full communication with the remote display on the network.

Philips introduced new technologies and products for its Vision 2007 and Performance 2007 ultrasound system and quantification software enhancements. New technologies include iSLICE intelligent slicing that provides precision progressive views of anatomy; customizable, protocol-driven exams that can reduce exam time; new imaging enhancements and tools for interventional procedures, including RF ablation; a new X7-2 4D xMATRIX transducer that is small enough for pediatric cardiology; a new L15-7io compact, high-frequency transducer for musculoskeletal exams and intraoperative vascular procedures; and new D2tcd transducer and trans-cranial Doppler enhancements that are aiding in the visualization of adult cranial vasculature. The enhancements are included on the iU22, iE33, HD11 XE, EnVisor, and HD3 ultrasound systems, as well as QLAB quantification software.
In other news, Philips is displaying ultrasound systems for the anesthesiology market at the American Society of Anesthesiologists’ (ASA) 2006 annual meeting in Chicago through Oct. 18. The EnVisor HD and HD11 XE systems’ image quality and compact footprint aid in ultrasound-guided nerve block procedures, and their large screens and adjustable monitors give the anesthesiologist an easy view of the image during the procedure.