North Bronx Healthcare takes Misys and Voicebrook technologies
The North Bronx Healthcare Network will integrate Voicebrook's VoiceOver speech recognition product with Misys Healthcare System's CPR integrated electronic patient record and CPOE system.

 Operated by New York City Health and Hospitals Corp., the North Bronx Healthcare Network estimates a return on investment of several million dollars, enhanced accuracy in insurance statements and significant time management savings.

 "The VoiceOver speech recognition technology, launched directly from Misys CPR, encourages physicians to enter their progress notes online at the point-of-care to create more readable, error-free and comprehensive documentation of a patient's particular treatment diagnosis," said Daniel Morreale, CIO of North Bronx Healthcare Network.

Speech recognition technology is a growing trend in transcription-heavy departments, such as radiology and cardiology; thus prompting many organizations to integrate the system across multiple clinical disciplines.