Numa rolls out workflow tools

Numa this week debuted two new products focused on enhancing digital workflow in nuclear medicine. The new NumaServer allows flexible remote image communication via ultra-fast, secure transfer of PET/CT, SPECT image data over any network or via the internet. The second new addition, NumaRead, enables translation of images from non-DICOM to DICOM format, while automating storage migration from CD, MOD and DAT tape archive media to NumaStore online RAID, DVD or other long-term archive including PACS.

NumaServer facilitates image communication beyond the department and enterprise and can be configured to receive images automatically from any DICOM source on a network and to push images to any DICOM destination. It enables secure data transfer over a local area network (LAN), wide area network (WAN) or the internet, regardless of bandwidth. Files are encrypted and compressed to enable secure and fast data transfer, being uncompressed and made fully useable for viewing and archiving at their destination. It can be configured to pull images automatically using DICOM Query/Retrieve from any DICOM source attached to the local network and, once they reach the destination server, send them to any local DICOM device. Users can steer images to any desired remote NumaServer and any DICOM location – such as multiple display stations or archives – on the fly. This is especially helpful in multi-site hospitals and clinics, outsourced reading and mobile PET/CT scanners, noted President Lawrence Smith.

NumaRead simplifies the translation of older nuclear medicine patient data in non-DICOM format to DICOM, while streamlining migration of files maintained on older media to more sophisticated storage media or to NumaStore mini-PACS. It can be used on a range of media and can be used in an automatic or manual mode. It is fully automated and offers both an automatic mode for transfer or all stored data as well as a manual mode with query/retrieve for migration of select files. The device will be available for direct sale to end-users, leaving for specific data migration projects as well as for sale to OEMs.