One-quarter of healthcare workers to leave job in 2006
One in four healthcare workers are "not feeling so good" about their jobs and plan to seek a new position this year, according to a recent survey. Increased workloads and the desire for better compensation and career advancement opportunities were cited as the leading factors motivating job changes in healthcare. The survey, "Job Forecast 2006 - Healthcare," was conducted Nov. 15, 2005 through Dec. 6, 2005. 

As the healthcare industry struggles with a shortage of qualified staff, 68 percent of healthcare workers say their workloads have increased over the last six months. Two-thirds say their workloads have become too heavy, causing increased stress at work and home. Some 36 percent report difficulty balancing professional and personal commitments. Meanwhile, the healthcare industry continues to create more and more jobs.

Healthcare workers also are expressing concern over the chance to advance in their careers. One in four feel they were overlooked for a promotion in 2005, a sharp increase from the one in 10 who felt overlooked in 2004. Some 30 percent of workers say they are dissatisfied with the lack of career advancement opportunities offered by their current employers, while 29 percent feel their jobs do not provide sufficient learning and professional development.