Orion, Boston Software form partnership
Orion Systems International will embed Boston Software Systems' Boston WorkStation scripting tool in its Rhapsody Integration Engine and also as a Single Sign-On (SSO) and context management scripting tool in Concerto Medical Applications Portal.

The partnership will provide greater ease of integration for the wide range of mainframe and "green-screen" legacy applications used in the healthcare industry, said Orion.

Boston WorkStation improves hospital workflow by allowing healthcare providers and vendors to automate or accelerate processes that are done manually and create stable interfaces between legacy, custom and third party applications and systems.

Boston WorkStation offers the flexibility of PC, minicomputer or mainframe connectivity and easy development on any Microsoft operating platform. It can access virtually any Windows application. This PC-based software can access Windows applications and enable the user to create links with character-based, DOS or windows applications.

"Green-screen and mainframe style systems continue to play an important role in many healthcare organizations' information infrastructures," said Paul Viskovich, president, North America of Orion. "The Boston WorkStation scripting tool works for all types of terminal emulations including IBM 3270, Meditech and windows fat client applications. The integration of Boston WorkStation with Orion's products will allow healthcare organizations to bring these legacy applications onto the web, making clinical data available to users where and when it is required."