PET-CT atlas 2nd edition released
The 2nd Edition of the Atlas of Clinical Positron Emission Tomography by Richard Wahl, MD, Emeritus Professor Michael Maisey and Sally Barrington, MD, was released at the recent RSNA meeting in Chicago.

The Atlas includes an interactive DVD with a selection of 30 different clinical PET-CT case studies, including automatic image fusion display and analysis software called HERMES RAPIDTM.  This is the first PET-CT textbook to incorporate a selection of PET-CT clinical case studies, with complete patient datasets, and diagnostic fusion software for clinical interpretation, according to the publisher.

The Atlas has been substantially rewritten to take account of the exciting developments that are occurring with the introduction of PET-CT, and new 'state-of-the-art' PET-CT clinical cases are included in the book and DVD. The new edition continues to be presented as a series of 'mini-lectures'. Also, the addition of the accompanying DVD-Rom with HERMES RAPID Software features PET-CT cases for viewing and analysis, with cross-modality image fusion.

Key Features of the Atlas of Clinical Positron Emission Tomography:
  • An excellent introduction to PET-CT with over 800 high-quality photographs;
  • Pitched at a level appropriate for 'non-specialist' wishing to acquire rapid expertise in the potential of PET and PET-CT in patient care;
  • Key management issues and specific 'teaching points' are clearly identified for the reader;
  • Includes the relationship of PET to other imaging modalities;
  • Pitfalls section, a popular feature of the first edition, expanded to include more information on methods and offer solutions to common problems; and
  • A new section on the use of PET in pediatrics