Philips launches iE33 echo system
Philips Medical Systems this week introduced iE33, an ergonomically designed cardiac ultrasound system that uses high definition imaging to help physicians diagnose heart disease and on-cart data analysis tools that help make treatment decisions.

The echocardiography system integrates 2D and 3D cardiac quantification software for measurements, such as left ventricle (LV) volume and ejection fraction, according to Philips. Physicians can use the data acquired from these types of examinations to potentially determine treatment options and monitor a patient's progress. The iE33 system also offers voice-activated control and automated image optimization technologies, Philips said.

The QLAB quantification software on the system uses 3D border detection to provide rapid access to ventricular volumes of the whole heart and waveforms that show the function of 17 different segments of the heart simultaneously.

The system's new line of transducers includes the S5-1 with PureWave crystal technology. PureWave is a new class of piezoelectric material whose properties allow greater transmit efficiency than conventional transducers, Philips said.

Philip's next-generation xMATRIX transducer technology, the core of Live 3D Echo, is utilized in the new X3-1 transducer. The matrix array transducer delivers true, real-time 3D volumes that allow physicians to examine the beating heart in real time. It also allows Live xPlane Imaging, which displays two simultaneous views of the heart from the same heartbeat. One image is a 2D baseline reference and the second image can be any of 180 different views within the 3D space.