Planar adds to stereoscopic LCD display portfolio

Planar Systems Inc. on Wednesday announced the expansion of its line of 3D stereoscopic LCD displays with the availability of its StereoMirror 20- and 23-inch wide monitors. The new monitors – the SD2020 and SD2320W – offer greater resolution and enlarged screen-space, which is useful in complex visualization, 3D simulation and radiographic investigation, the company said. 

These two new larger format monitors are an evolution from the company’s SD1710 released last fall. Like the earlier model, the 20- and 23-inch monitors also offer industry-leading flicker-free crisp images and a design optimal for geoscientists, cartographers, engineers, image analysts and environmental planners. The larger formats, intense depth perception and increased stereo contrast will allow users to more accurately extract 3D data and differentiate images.

Much like the SD1710, both the SD2020 and SD2320W allow users to view stereo images independent of position, using comfortable, lightweight polarized glasses that are similar to sunglasses. Also, the SD series uses StereoMirror technology to provide the high-quality stereoscopic images in a larger desktop monitor and is composed of two 20- or 23-inch LCD monitors in an up/down configuration separated at a 110-degree angle. A semitransparent mirror is positioned at a bisecting angle between the two monitors that, when combined with polarizing glasses, generates the stereo separation.

Planar's entire SD series offers improved image sensitivity and precision for medical professionals. Mammography, for example, is considered one of the most difficult radiographic exams to interpret and confirm in terms of detection and diagnosis. Radiologists challenged with discerning intricate x-rays now have the possibility of improving early detection of breast cancer by using 3D stereoscopic analysis, which enables the radiologist to view the breast tissue in depth, Planar said.