Poll: Bush has yet to win over many Americans on healthcare ideas
The Bush Administration has yet to win over the hearts and minds of adult Americans on the issue of healthcare, according to an Online/Harris Interactive poll done recently by the Wall Street Journal Online from Feb. 23-27.
Some 2,426 responded to the online survey and approximately three-fourths of them claim to not feel confident in the President’s ability to get a grip on the current problems relating to healthcare costs in this country, or to reduce personal out-of-pocket expenditures. Just 30 percent of respondents feel the administration will be able to improve the U.S. healthcare system through policy initiatives.
Predictably, some of the results fell along party lines. Of those who claimed to be Democrats, approximately 80 percent felt confident of their party’s ability to improve the health system through policies, whereas only 67 percent of Republicans felt the same way.