R2 debuts smarter CAD algorithm and mammography workflow products
R2 Technology, Inc. introduced at SCAR this week a new Version 8.0 CAD algorithm which is featured across R2's ImageChecker Mammography product line.

The new V8.0 Gold Standard CAD algorithm, which recently gained FDA clearance, delivers "significant improvements in detection performance versus prior releases," R2 said.
The new algorithm offers "far better" Free-Response Receiver Operating Characteristics (FROC) performance, the company said. Data submitted to the FDA showed that R2's new system provides a lower false marker rate at any given sensitivity. For instance, there are only 1.5 false marks per normal case at the 91 percent sensitivity level. "There has been a noticeable improvement in accuracy with fewer false positive markings per case," said Bruce F. Schroeder, MD, director of the Eastern Radiologists Breast Imaging Center in Greenville, N.C. "Most screening cases are normal, so R2's lower false marker rate saves me time while its sensitivity has the potential to find even more breast cancers."
With a focus on improving mammography workflow, R2 also announced several enhancements within V8.0. R2's new EmphaSize CAD markers are designed to draw radiologists' attention first to those mammographic features the algorithm deems to be the most indicative of malignancy. Also, a new "Greenlight" user interface provides an easy-to-use, touch-screen system that enables technologists to process films quickly and monitor film-scanning progress from a distance, without interrupting other work.

To date, more than 1,600 ImageChecker CAD systems have been shipped worldwide and this year approximately 9 million women will have their mammograms interpreted with the aid of R2's leading technology. Five independent prospective clinical studies from academic and community practices proved that the use of R2's CAD resulted in 8 percent to 19.5 percent more cancers detected.