Rogan-Delft completes View Pro-X software validation on Matrox controller boards
Matrox Graphics Inc. recently announced that Rogan-Delft has validated its View Pro-X viewing software with the Matrox AuroraVX3mp display controller boards, according to a joint company release.

The AuroraVX Series display controller boards are designed to maximize display output options, powering three displays from a single low-profile PCI Express board. The AuroraVX3mp supports a Navigation Console (NC) up to a resolution of 2 MP, along with two Twin Imaging Displays (TIDs) of 2 MP each or 3 MP each.

The AuroraVX Series display controller board is well suited with the open systems design of the Rogan OnLine PACS solutions, said Bart Hendriks, vice president, Rogan-Delft.

At HIMSS this latest VPX software was showcased with the Ortho and Mammography package, Rogan-Delft said.

Equipped with Hardware Pivot, the AuroraVX Series display controller board is capable of driving various combinations of color and grayscale displays in portrait and/or landscape modes, and features an 8- or 10-bit display output for 256 or 1024 simultaneous shades of gray, depending on the available displays attached. Providing medical imaging professionals with versatile multi-display options, the AuroraVX Series offers excellent performance and stunning image quality, ideal for PACS, and modalities such as x-ray, CT, MRI, and DR.

"This validation process by Rogan-Delft reassures the customer in the integrity to deliver a world class software and hardware solution," said George Rigas, business development manger, medical imaging, Matrox Graphics Inc. "The viewing capabilities of the Rogan-Delft View Pro-X software, and the display output options afforded by our Matrox AuroraVX Series board make this solution a practical and effective one for our customers."