Siemens brings full urology line to AUA

Siemens Medical Solutions is displaying this week its full line of urology-related products focused on improved patient care and cost reduction at the American Urological Association (AUA) Annual Meeting in Atlanta. These solutions draw from a range of urology, ultrasound, CT, IT and lithotripsy systems.

In addition to introducing a new configuration for its MODULARIS lithotripsy system, what follows are selections of what Siemens also highlighted:

  • SONOLINE G20 and SONOLINE G40 – these ultrasound systems support most applications in urology. The Autocolor single step color Doppler optimization technology of the SONOLINE G40 allows for a distinct differentiation of flow states in the prostate. With its 355-degree biplane and rectal probe, the SONOLINE G20 incorporates workflow advancements and user-matched ergonomics in a small footprint black-and-white system. Increased patient care is made possible through a prostate brachytherapy template that allows a more accurate placement of prostate seeds; and

  • MVision Megavoltage Cone Beam (MVCB) Imaging Package – a volumetric in-line target imaging tool for pelvic and other applications. The system is the first commercial implementation of cone beam technology utilizing a standard radiotherapy treatment beam. MVision makes it possible for the megavoltage (MV) source used for treatment to also create a 3D image of the patient, enabling safer, more accurate treatment.