Siemens focuses on end-to-end IT systems, interoperable EHR workflow
Siemens Medical Solutions showcased its portfolio of workflow-driven healthcare IT products at HIMSS 2006 last week. The technologies have been developed in an effort to ease and connect processes, providers, information and patients for effective and collaborative care, the company said.

"Patient care is no longer about one doctor's office or one hospital bed," said Tom Miller, president, Healthcare IT Division, Siemens Medical Solutions. "It's about care delivery occurring across multiple settings and among interdisciplinary care teams, each with a network of collaborative support systems that must act in a coordinated and timely manner. Siemens is transforming the way care is delivered by breaking down the traditional boundaries that exist in today's care settings: too few resources, unavailable information and broken processes," Miller added.

To this end, Siemens provided HIMSS attendees a look at the capabilities of Soarian and syngo to deliver consolidated, continuous workflow capabilities, while providing the foundation for an interoperable electronic health record (EHR) with real-time access to records which can include a patient’s images and data.

Soarian facilitates the integration of clinical and administrative functions integrated with image acquisition, RIS, PACS, and the post-processing capabilities of Siemens syngo Suite. The syngo image management platform links to Soarian, bringing together all Siemens software into a single instrument. Soarian features a longitudinal clinical repository that gives clinicians browser-based, real-time access to patient histories, demographics, allergies, results, and images, the company said.
Soarian's workflow technology is designed to reduce manual process steps; orchestrate clinical best practices; and monitor, track, and escalate processes automatically.

At HIMSS, Siemens also highlighted several work-in-progress Soarian capabilities. These “emerging” Soarian products include:
  • Soarian Operating Room – that will provide extensive workflow support to all participants in the perioperative process, from scheduling through follow up. The systems functionality includes will include perioperative interdisciplinary documentation and integration to devices in the OR suite;
  • Soarian Oncology will provide a clinical chart designed specifically for managing cancer care, integrated with imaging, practice management, data aggregation and reporting systems; and
  • Soarian Emergency Department will provide integration of data captured during the ED care delivery process into the EHR. Through Soarian, workflow will be automated and coordinate ED processes, pushing activities and tasks to clinician’s worklists. An Embedded Analytics Tool will provide ongoing tracking of events to monitor and measure efficiency and outcomes, and provide comprehensive reports.