Siemens highlights new digital echo PACS at ASE conference
Siemens Medical Solutions this week introduced a new image and patient data management system for entry-level digital echocardiography called Image-Arena at the 15th annual meeting of the American Society of Echocardiography (ASE), June 28 - 30, in San Diego.

According to Siemens, the digital tool is designed for image acquisition, review, measurement, reporting and archiving of echocardiography data. It enables reviewers to simultaneously review both previous and current examination images side-by-side for comparison. The Image-Arena also allows the reviewer to "drag and drop" images into electronic documents and integrate the information into the text, versus attaching hard copy to the printout report.

Siemens says Image-Arena is currently available for the Acuson Sequoia C512 and C256 ultrasound systems, and the Acuson CV70 and Cypress cardiovascular systems.

The company showcased its 4C1 curved linear transducer as a works-in-progress for the Cypress cardiovascular. The curved array format and transducer technology will enable abdominal aorta, renal vasculature and fetal echocardiography applications.

In addition, Siemens featured its new Acuson AcuNav 8F ultrasound catheter as a works-in-progress, as well as investigational three-dimensional (3D) imaging capabilities on the existing AcuNav diagnostic ultrasound catheter, the new 8F catheter, and the V5M transesophageal (TEE) transducer.