Siemens introduces Somatom Sensation 40
Siemens Medical Solutions has unveiled the Somatom Sensation 40, rounding off what it calls its high-end product portfolio in computed tomography (CT).
According to Siemens, the 40-slice CT scanner provides access to z-Sharp technology introduced with the Somatom Sensation 64-slice scanners, and the Straton x-ray tube. Siemens proprietary z-Sharp technology enables the acquisition of 40 slices per rotation and an isotropic resolution of below 0.4 millimeter voxel size. To achieve this, the Straton x-ray tube utilizes an electron beam that is accurately deflected, creating two alternating and overlapping x-ray projections reaching each detector element, Siemens said. This doubles the scan information without a corresponding increase in dose, resulting in enhanced spatial resolution and image quality.
As on all Somatom Sensation scanners, Siemens' Speed4D technology also supports workflow and dose management on the Somatom Sensation 40. Together with its gantry rotation speed of 0.37 seconds, the new system offers high spatial resolution and simultaneous fast scan speed.
Additionally, Siemens said the Somatom Sensation 40 can be upgraded onsite to a 64-slice system.
The clinical test phase of the Somatom Sensation 40 in Europe and North America will start in early 2005; general availability is planned for summer 2005, Siemens said.