Siemens Medical Solutions debuts Clarify ultrasound technology
Siemens Medical Solutions has unveiled its new Clarify vascular enhancement (VE) technology for the Sonoline Antares ultrasound system with the StellarPlus performance package.

Clarify VE technology is designed to improve the ultrasound image quality of macro- and micro-vasculature in any organ accessible with ultrasound by providing a clearer image when compared to conventional B-mode imaging.

Clarify VE technology uses power Doppler information to enhance B-mode tissue resolution and reduce partial volume averaging artifacts in 2D ultrasound imaging throughout the region of interest. As a result, Siemens said the technology helps to depict tissue and vasculature -- including vessel wall structures -- giving physicians and sonographers a higher level of diagnostic confidence.

The Clarify VE technology is first available on Siemens' Antares StellarPlus ultrasound system for shipments in this quarter.