Siemens offers Soarian disease management to the cardiology market
Siemens Medical Solutions this week at the American College of Cardiology meeting introduced to the cardiology market its Soarian Disease Management system that links physicians, payers and patients.
Soarian Disease Management supports the entire disease management process, from enrollment and care planning to patient monitoring, compliance tracking of the treatment regimen and outcomes reporting to promote a higher quality experience for patients and physicians.
An intelligent user interface supports the entire process, from patient identification to compliance control for the treatment regimen, while allowing data to be exchanged with other healthcare information technology (IT) systems, including lab and pharmacy sources, Siemens said.
In addition, remote patient monitoring is facilitated via biometric, interactive voice recognition (IVR), or hand-held devices.
Siemens currently has beta installations of Soarian Disease Management at the Nebraska Heart Institute (NHI) and South Carolina Heart Center (SCHC.
Siemens said it expects to make Soarian Disease Management generally available in mid-2005.