Siemens partners Nebraska Heart Institute and Baystate Health System
Siemens will partner with The Nebraska Heart Institute Heart Hospital (NHH) in Lincoln to deliver what the company describes as "measurable workflow improvements."

NHH opened its doors in May 2003 with a near-paperless facility. In that time, NHH says it has reduced length of stay from a projected 4.3 days to 2.5 days, as of December 2003.

Patient throughput also has nearly doubled, with more than 1,300 discharges logged at the close of 2003, compared with 766 projected discharges. Patient satisfaction levels are also high, with more than 97 percent indicating they would return for treatment.

Siemens Soarian Cardiology, Soarian Clinical Access, and Invision ChartAssist IT products have provided much of the technology for NHH's electronic health record (EHR). The EHR enables clinicians to securely access patient data, images, physiologic waveforms, and procedure data collected at the point of care from anywhere, at anytime.

Siemens' Axiom Artis catheterization labs also are in the facility.

NHH is a 90,000-square foot hospital which employs more than 30 physicians and 200 additional staff members including nursing, technicians, and support.

Siemens also is partnering with Baystate Health System on a new $39 million oncology facility for cancer care and treatment.

Siemens is providing advanced imaging, therapeutic and information technologies for The Center for Cancer Care in Springfield, Mass., which opened its doors in January 2004.

The Center installed several products, including Siemens' Primatom system for image-guided radiation therapy (IGRT), which focuses radiation on tumor locations and avoids normal, healthy tissue. The Primatom includes Siemens' Oncor Avant-Garde linear accelerator integrated with a Somatom Emotion CT scanner.

Three additional Oncor Avant-Garde systems will complete the radiation therapy delivery technology.

Siemens also provided 15 syngo-based Coherence oncology workspaces. The consoles enable treatment management, providing tools and data to the oncology team when and wherever needed.