Siemens releases new product for diagnostic and interventional cardiology
Siemens Medical Solutions unveiled its Axiom Artis dBC biplane cardiac and angiography system for diagnostic and therapeutic cardiac interventions.

 The debut came this week at the annual Pediatric Interventional Cardiac Symposium.

Outfitted with two 25 cm diagonal digital flat-panel detectors in both planes, the device operates at all cardiac-relevant framing speeds. Features include touch screen operation, pre-programmed exam positions, syngo (Siemens standard user interface for imaging equipment) and C.A.R.E (combined application to reduce exposure).

C.A.R.E. is designed to reduce radiation exposure for both patients and examiners through the use of a copper proliferation system that automatically adjusts the filter strength during each exam to the density of the region of interest.

 The Axiom Artis dBC is compatible with Siemens' Axiom Sensis, which provides and records accurate calculations of hemodynamic and electrophysiologic data obtained during catheterization.