Siemens shows new multifunctional Lithotrispy system
Siemens Medical Solutions introduced this week the LITHOSKOP, a new multifunctional lithotripter, at the American Urology Association (AUA) Annual Meeting in San Antonio, Texas, May 22 - 25.
LITHOSKOP features an ergonomic table and one-time patient positioning, a digital interface that can help clinicians with workflow and image management, and includes fixed and mobile lithotripsy and urology systems in addition to computed tomography, ultrasound, and radiation therapy technology, Siemens said.

The system's design grants access to patients from all sides, while the dual C-arm for X-ray imaging and shockwave head allow for multifunctional use. LITHOSKP also features AutoPos, a computer-aided 3D positioning tool which helps physicians align a patient's stone to be localized which then causes the table to automatically move to position the stone for treatment.

The LITHOSKOP has several additional workflow benefits for digital reporting and patient management, including DICOM Worklist, which allows for the downloading of patient data directly from a hospital's network, as well as LithoReport, which allows for detailed documentation of the therapeutic process. The LITHOSKOP is currently under clinical investigation is not commercially available in the U.S.
Finally, The Special Systems Division of Siemens Medical Solutions has appointed Platinum Medical as the authorized sales channel for Siemens surgery, mobile x-ray and urology products, Siemens said.