Siemens unveils biplane C-arm for angiography and neuroradiology
Siemens Medical Solutions introduced the Axiom Artis dBA, a flat panel detector-based neurointerventional biplane system, at the LINC Course, "Endovascular Neuroradiology Workshop and Live Cases," Oct. 9 - 13, in Houston, Texas.

The Artis dBA biplane angiography system is used for simultaneous digital imaging techniques, and is designed to overcome the challenges of modern angiography and interventional procedures in neuroradiology and universal angiography, Siemens said. The gantry system for the dBA is equipped with both floor and ceiling-mounted C-arm stands, allowing for flexible positioning and quick, programmable movements.

The system is the newest member of Siemens' Axiom Artis product line. The dBA offers optimal image quality, easy handling, maximum radiation protection and network connectivity. Additionally, the system is compatible with the Axiom Sensis electrophysiology and hemodynamic recording system, which improves workflow by providing accurate calculations of data obtained during the procedure.

The Axiom Artis dBA also incorporates C.A.R.E. (Combined Applications to Reduce Exposure), to reduce radiation exposure for the patient and clinician.