SoftMed announces transcription, speech recognition and computer-aided transcription
SoftMed Systems has announced the release of ChartScript ASP, a hosted system for transcription, speech recognition and computer-aided medical transcription. ChartScript ASP enables healthcare facilities and transcription providers to have a lot of functionality at a lower cost. Additionally, in a hosted environment, the investment costs can be shared among multiple enterprises. ChartScript ASP was on display this week at HIMSS 2006.

ChartScript ASP uses a deferred speech recognition engine that produces "Ready to Edit" drafts for transcriptionists. The speech recognition engine incorporates SoftMed's patent-pending SyncStream technology, a tool designed to boost productivity of computer-aided medical transcription. SyncStream is a natural language processing tool that automatically assembles document text according to a facility's specific standards. SyncStream further assists transcriptionists by formatting speech recognition results into a document that looks and feels like a traditionally transcribed document.  In addition, SoftMed's deferred speech recognition solution requires no change in physicians' preferred dictation habits.  

In addition to ChartScript ASP, SoftMed offers ChartScript.Net, a web browser-based document creation tool. ChartScript.Net is hosted by a hospital using their web-server environment, which allows transcription work to occur remotely.  ChartScript ASP and ChartScript.Net feature: keyboard shortcuts to reduce keystrokes, standard word processing function keys, data select versus data entry, and integrated voice playback.  Both systems also create automatic "speaker profiles" from past dictation and transcription results.