Sony's new Professional Disc media embarks on its first shipment
Sony Electronics has shipped its first Professional Disc for DATA media, a recording technology that uses blue lasers -- instead of standard red lasers -- to write more data on a disc.

The storage device, which is intended for data optical storage drives, automated devices and media, was introduced at the 2003 annual meeting of the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA).

Professional Disc for DATA features 23.3GB storage capacity for single-sided disc and provides storage capacity for data-intensive applications, such as medical imaging. The new format - available in both write once and rewritable versions - also provides fast 11MB/second read and 9MB/second write speeds for quick file storage and retrieval.

"Blue laser optional storage technologies, such as Sony's Professional Disc for DATA format, overcomes the capacity and performance limitations of current professional disc storage formats," said Wolfgang Schlichting, research director for removable storage at International Data Corp. "The advanced imaging and editing requirements of broadcast and medical companies will particularly benefit from the 23GB capacity."