States create standards for radiologist assistants

Following suit with seven other states, Florida and Iowa have adopted new education and credentialing standards for RAs (radiologist assistants). These new mandates are supported by the American College of Radiology and the American Society of Radiologic Technologists.

The Florida law which was signed into law June 9th mandates that radiologic technologists who take on additional responsibilities as radiologist extenders must apply for a certificate from the Florida Department of Health after completing an educational program and credentialing process. The educational requirements for RAs include the completion of an advanced academic educational program. Additionally, RAs in Florida must be supervised by a radiologist. They also are not permitted to interpret images, make diagnoses or prescribe medications or therapies.

In Iowa, RAs must hold a current permit, and must go through a series of education and certification requirements put in place by the state. Iowa’s new regulations – to be put in place in July – also require that RAs work only under the supervision of a radiologist. RAs are not allowed to interpret images, make diagnoses, prescribe medications or prescribe therapies.