Storage: Maxell now shipping super DLTtape II media
Maxell Corp. of America has begun shipping a branded Super DLTtape II media product. Maxell jointly developed the media with Quantum Corp. to support the data recording requirements of Quantum's SDLT 600 tape drive.
Super DLTtape II media optimizes the performance of the SDLT 600 tape drive, delivering a native capacity of 300 gigabyte (GB), a native transfer rate of 36 megabyte per second.
Maxell's Super DLTtape II media is based on the company's new Neo Super Maximum capacity Advanced Reliability Tape (NeoSMART) technology platform.  NeoSMART is a convergence of advanced tape and manufacturing technologies that support higher reliability recording and data recovery at the extreme track and bit densities demanded by SDLT 600 technology, Maxell said. The improved magnetic particles, new coating and dispersion technologies, and the other components of the NeoSMART platform are designed to support future tape cartridge capacities in excess of 1 terabyte.  
According to Maxell, a key element of NeoSMART is Maxell's Nano Composite Advanced Particles (NanoCAP) technology. NanoCAP enables the development of a new generation of tape drive and media products with native capacities of 10 Terabytes per cartridge.