Study: CAD more effective than double reading images
A recent study found that radiologist performance using computer-aided detection (CAD) was superior to that of screening mammograms that were double read. The study included more than 10,000 mammograms obtained from women aged 50 years or older who underwent routine screening. Mammograms that were double read initially were randomly allocated to be re-read by eight different radiologists using a single read and CAD. Cancer detection rates and recall rates from double reading and single reading with CAD were then compared. The researchers found that single reading with CAD detected 6.5 percent more cancers — a 15 percent increase in the cancer detection rate — compared to double reading. The study was performed by researchers from two leading breast centers in the United Kingdom (Aberdeen University and Manchester University). The results were first published in the October issue of Radiology. The CAD system (ImageChecker 1000 version 5.0) used in this study was supplied by Hologic’s R2 Technology division.