Study: RF departments evolving toward digital imaging environment
An estimated 12.5 million procedures were performed on radiographic fluoroscopy (RF) imaging equipment in hospitals with 150 or more beds in the United States in 2002, according to a study published by IMV Medical Information Division called "The 2003 Radiographic Fluoroscopy Market Summary Report."

Of these 12.5 million procedures, 5.1 million were RF procedures and 7.4 million were radiographic only, according to the report.

Out of the 5.1 million RF procedures performed in 2002, 62 percent were GI contrast studies; the next largest segment was myelography and urinary studies, each at 9 percent bone/orthopedic/joint studies at 7 percent and ERCP studies at 7 percent. Other RF procedures that comprise the remaining 6 percent include Ob/Gyn studies, peripheral studies, vertebroplasties and biopsies.

"The proportion of RF procedure types performed has been relatively stable, meanwhile the RF departments are moving toward digital imaging," said Lorna Young, senior director, Market Research. "As of this 2003 RF Census, 68 percent of the RF units can acquire images digitally and 32 percent cannot. While the overall proportion of the installed base with digital image capability is 68 percent, 90 percent of the units installed from 1999 to 2003 have this capability."